Episode 3: The Signalman

The Signalman

Season I – Episode III

Our next story was written in 1866 by the great Charles Dickens, entitled The Signalman, in which the namesake character of our story reveals his attempts to come to grips with the existential short end of what could be called the psychic occupational hazard of working On The Line for years on end in such close proximity to such a very large Exit…….

For the intensely curious, there is a code somewhere in the opening of the story. The nature of the Signalman’s job and the era to which he belonged might yield a clue to discovering and deciphering this aural warning.

(Actually, there are two codes, but we don’t expect you to find the second one)..

The Tomb - Iteration II

Original Story

No.1 Branch Line: The Signalman


Charles Dickens

Adapted for Radio Teleplay by George Piazza & Jack Elder

Voices: Jack Elder

Sounds: George Piazza

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