Episode 1: The Hounds of Tindalos

The Hounds of Tindalos

Season 1 – Episode I

Upon discovering the Mysterious Tomb, we first journey to a little town named Partridgeville to witness the ambitious experiment of antiquarian Halpin Chalmers. Chalmers believes he can transcend the bounds of space and time by the use of a mysterious Chinese drug called Liao. As his friend Frank watches in trepidation, Chalmers takes the drug and describes his temporal visions, back.. all the way back to a time when humans were not  the Masters of Earth, and reality was divided into Curved  and Angular  time. Unfortunately, the ‘true’ Masters, lurking in Angular Time, sense Chalmers’ presence, ultimately leading to disastrous consequences.


Story by Frank Belknap Long

Adapted for Radio Teleplay by Jack Elder & George Piazza


Jack Elder: Halpin Chalmers, Frank, Radio Announcer

George Piazza: Dr. Wescott


Intro Music by Jack Elder

Dramatization Music & Sound Design by George Piazza

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