Episode 2: The Black Stone

  Tomb of the Mysteries

Season 1

Episode 2

The Black Stone

An English academic journeys to a small town in Hungary in search of a  Monolith, believed to be a gateway – a Key –  into the depraved past. Unwary travelers visiting the Stone on a certain night of the year are forever haunted by feverish nightmares of a nameless terror, and our visiting academic feels compelled to unravel the mystery at all costs. Who were the original inhabitants of this obscure and spectral mountain region and what drove the fearsome Turkish forces of Suleiman The Magnificent to destroy nearly  all traces of this unknown race?


Story by Robert E. Howard

Adapted for Radio Teleplay by Jack Elder & George Piazza


 Jack Elder: Academic, Coach Driver, Innkeeper

w/ Mona Elder as Mistress of the Tomb


Intro Music by Jack Elder

Dramatization Music, Sound Design & Production by George Piazza


They say foul beings of Old Times still lurk

In dark forgotten corners of the world,

And Gates still gape to loose, on certain nights,

Shapes pent in Hell.

excerpt from The People of the Monolith by the mad poet – Justin Geoffrey


I first read about it in the strange book of Von Juntz, the German eccentric who lived so curiously and died in such grisly and mysterious fashion.

It was my fortune to have access to his Nameless Cults in the original edition, the so-called  Black Book….

cosmic background radition
Cosmicism in the ancient Universe.

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